The next meeting is September 2nd,
details will follow on the mailing list.

Reservoir Lofts

The Reservoir Lofts update for August 2009

July Meeting Update

  • Fans pre-installed in third floor units by the developer were improperly secured. Contact the developer for more information.
  • The management company is soliciting quotes for an unspecified change to the garage door.
  • The management company is replacing some internal lights, and installing motion sensors in the stairs.
  • We are awaiting an update from Curtis (expected by mid-August) as to the date and time of the city meeting regarding Wheeler St. parking.

Core Group

In each issue we'll profile another member of the core group of volunteers who organize various aspects of the condominium.

Jamie Hinman

She has been a Reservoir Lofts resident since June 2008 (unit 206). Originally from New Jersey, she is an occupational therapist at Youville Rehab Hospital in Cambridge. She spends her afternoons walking her golden retriever Harrison (Harry) around Fresh Pond. She enjoys traveling and has most recently visited Iowa and Portugal.

Reservoir Lofts Online

We recognize that it isn't always practical to attend the community meetings. Previous meeting minutes, and upcoming agendas, are available through the Web at You will need to create a free account and log-in to view meeting information.

Residents can suggest agenda items by e-mailing You can also find other information, such as past issues of this newsletter at

Friendly Reminders

Summer BBQ

The second annual Summer BBQ was held August 1st to huge success.

Dog Etiquette

Dogs urinating on the property damage plant life and increase maintenance costs. There are unsightly spots of yellowed dead grass throughout the property. The management company has posted signs as a reminder.


Please place recyclable material, such as cardboard boxes in the bins in the recycling room. Material should be compacted as much as practical to maximize available space. Please do not leave items on top of—or outside of—these bins.