The next meeting will be around January 6th,
details will follow on the web site.

Reservoir Lofts

The Reservoir Lofts update for November 2009

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Unit Owners will be held some time between December 16th and January 27th. The Trustee (Mark Coppola) will provide written notice of the date and location (within the complex) to each unit owner at least 14 days prior to the actual meeting.

Core Group

In each issue we'll profile another member of the core group of volunteers who organize various aspects of the condominium.

Sharon Emerson

Hi, neighbors. I've been a Reservoir Lofts' resident since June 2008. I moved to Boston in 2007 from Chicago, my previous home for 11 years. I'm a script writer, game designer, and creative director at a kids' multimedia company. In my off hours, I play with my cats, read picture books, take kung fu, and knit (at my mother's request). I'm glad to be part of this community. And here's my newest reason! Sofra Bakery and Café. One Belmont Street, Cambridge. Go! Eat! Be happy!

Community Handbook

While there isn't a community-wide meeting scheduled for the final quarter of 2009, community volunteers have continued to work on helping build a community. A collection of volunteers led by Sharon Emerson (profiled in this issue) has been finishing a draft of a community handbook which summarizes the current condominium bylaws, presenting them in an easy-to-reference document.

The document is available on-line at

Reservoir Lofts Online

There is a community run network currently running along the northern buildings in the complex, with the goal of providing wireless Internet access while in the common areas, such as the courtyard. If other members of the community would like to participate, we welcome additional support.

Additional information is available at